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Velo Club Revolution is a lively, friendly, Colchester-based cycling club active in north Essex and south Suffolk.

Originally formed in 2007, VC Revolution has members involved in all fields of the sport. As well as the regular social club runs that take place on mainly on Saturdays, club members are also active in sportives, time trials, road and track races, on-road and off-road challenge rides and a wide range of social activities.

Whilst there will never be a requirement or pressure for members to compete, racing is encouraged and the club has a number of competitive riders with many years of racing experience, all of whom are always willing to offer help and advice on racing and training. This experience has been gained in the four main areas of cycling of which VCR are interested; Road Racing, Track racing (indoor, outdoor and grass track), Time Trialling and Cyclo Cross.

It’s not all about the bike. Cafe stops are a much-loved aspect of our rides; we also organise a number of trips much further afield and social events.

Members are encouraged to get involved in the running of the club and the promotion of events. Put simply, decisions are made for the good of the club, democratically by the club members. We welcome members of any age and ability new to cycle sport to join us and develop as a cyclist.

Our website provides news and resources for existing members, information for people interested in riding our events, and is a window on the club for anyone thinking of joining. We also have a presence on both Facebook (search for VC Revolution) and Twitter (@vc_revolution) which are regularly updated with our activities. If you can’t find what you’re looking for by browsing through the menus above just drop us a line.