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Club run organisation

  • At present, we meet and ride in groups of up to six, of a similar speed, when guidelines allow. All groups apply a no-drop policy. A formalised process is implemented each week to plan our rides and communicate this in the club members’ area of Facebook.

  • The Saturday club run normally has two groups. The social group will typically ride at between 16-18 mph, while the tempo group is likely to be at a pace of around 19-22+ mph, although this depends on the time of year, route, weather conditions and which riders turn up. 
  • VCR Club Rides typically run with two uniform lines of riders, generally the outside line will roll through at the front so the lines rotate anti clockwise
  • Unless numbers permit the formation of a Tempo group, the Official Club Ride will be run on a Social Basis.
  • If there are enough numbers to permit a “Tempo Group” this will depart before the Social Group.
  • Our ethos is that club rides go at the pace of the slowest rider.
  • Tempo rides are typically run as “through and off” where the two lines rotate continuously without any pause at the front of the group.
  • When run on the standard Club Ride route to the cafe Bradfield the Tempo Group will not wait for dropped riders (who can either ride solo or wait for the Social Group to catch up) and may not wait for punctures or mechanical issues
  • Tempo group rides run on Alternative Club Ride routes will be non-drop rides and will wait for dropped riders.  They will be slightly slower in pace than the Official Club Ride route but before joining these rides you should be confident of your fitness levels and ability to keep up with the group.
  • New members and inexperienced riders at group riding are encouraged to join the Social group and must tell the group at the meet before the start and will be helped and guided by the club riders present.
  • You should only join the Tempo Group if you have the fitness to keep up to the slated speed (usually 20mph+) and be experienced and comfortable riding in a fast group of riders, know the route and the cafe stop