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Club Rules

1. Title. The club shall be known as Velo Club Revolution or abbreviated in communication to VCR.

2. Colours. The club’s colours will be Mid Blue, Black and White.

3. Objectives. For all members to enjoy cycle sport safely and to help develop it’s members to their full potential.

4. Affiliations. The club will affiliate to British Cycling (BC), Cycling Time Trials (CTT) and the Eastern Road Race League (ERRL). Affiliation to other related bodies will be given consideration by the Management Team.

5. Membership. The club is open to all people subject to approval of the Club Secretary.

6. Management Team. The club’s Management Team will consist of Chairperson, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Road Race & Track Secretaries and club members.

7. Subscriptions. The membership year is from the 1st January to the 31st December. Subscriptions to be paid by February 28th, after which non-payment may count as defaulted membership. New members joining after 30th of September will have their subscription valid to the end of the following year.

Members resigning from the club will not be eligible for a refund of subscription monies.

Subscriptions will be categorised in the following format;

  • Family: £30 – Limited to 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Single Adult Membership: £25
  • Under 18 Membership: £15
  • Under 16 Membership: FREE
  • Second claim: £5

Only First Claim members may take Management positions, make proposals or vote at club

More details on how to join the club can be found here.

8. Finances. The Financial Year shall end on the 31st December of every year. The Treasurer will present an audited statement of Accounts to the AGM, which shall be held by the Club Secretary.

9. Behaviours. Any member whose behaviour or actions prejudices the interests of the club or fails to adhere to club rules can be expelled from the club by the Management Team. Anyone so expelled shall forfeit all claims on Club property.

10. Clothing. Wherever possible, official club clothing shall be worn whilst riding on the road.

11. Disputes. Particulars of disputes shall be made in writing to the General Secretary, who shall take these to the Management Team. The Management Team’s findings shall be final and binding to all parties.

Amendments to these rules can only be made by a two-thirds majority of a General Club meeting.

12. Trophies. A member who resigns from the club may be presented with trophies won by themselves whilst a member of the club, but on resignation must relinquish all trophies.

13. Club Meetings and A.G.M.  It is intended that the Management Team will hold club meetings on a quarterly basis. Decisions taken at the A.G.M. shall not be repealed except by future A.G.M.’s or E.G.M.’s.

14. Club Promotions. On the occasion of a club promotion, it is requested that club members assist where required to ensure the promotion runs safely and successfully i.e. Marshalling / Catering / Start and Finishing duties.